Hello, I’m a Digital Artist

Thank you for visiting my site, where I offer graphic design services.
I love creating banners and other online and offline graphics. I am happy when clients like my work and their business grows with my help.
Every positive response warms my heart.


I can offer you:

Banner ads

Banner Ads are the most common form of advertising on the internet.
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Leaflets and Print

I will help you with designing various prints including flyers or business cards.
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Logo design

A logo is a symbol made up of text and image which makes you stand out from the competition.
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Digital paint

Digital illustrations painted using a graphics tablet.
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Vector graphic

The advantage of vector art is the ability to change its size without losing its quality.
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A little something about me…

My name is Katerina and I am from the Czech Republic. Drawing has attracted me ever since I was a little two-year-old girl. Later, around age 13, I had become interested in digital art – I´ve been creating various collages etc., for my blog. Although I´ve loved drawing and creating, I wasn´t sure about art school when selecting high school. So I decided to go to business school instead and continued drawing at home just for fun.

But after graduation I convinced myself that economics are not the right field for me. I tried several job positions and slowly went back to graphic design at my last job. Now graphics are my main focus.

I consider myself as a self-taught artist. I learned everything myself with the help of some tutorials online.

What am I working with?

  • Affinity
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 13 Tablet
  • Clip Studio Paint

We established cooperation with Katka when we started our business. She helped us with the logo, banners and editing product photos. She was able to handle perfectly even the most demanding tasks. We are really satisfied with her work, the work is always done quickly and efficiently. We can definitely recommend further. :-)


Béďa Komíny

The cooperation with Katka is great. She is artistically gifted and has an excellent feeling for graphics. She is fast and hardworking and 100% reliable. She communicates very pleasantly and is able to capture the needs and essence of the project for which she creates. Katka is also extremely helpful and willing to fine-tune the details of the graphics and incorporate comments. If Katka's description as a graphic designer were to be shortened to two words, it would be: a talented professional.

Alan Truhlar

www.casnazdravi.cz, tvorove.cz, mladapani.cz

How it works

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Are you interested in working with me?

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